Well that was fun!!

I’m not saying a beer festival will cure all that ails you, but a whole afternoon out in the sunshine with beer and art – well, it doesn’t hurt. Had a great time and was utterly knackered when I got home and “took a nap” – for like, 6 hours. Then had a snack and went back to bed and slept another 6 hours.

Between the farmers market and the festival, I walked over 5 miles yesterday. And it’s not that the festival was huge, but we went around in circles A LOT.

We got the “VIP” tickets, which gave us a ticket for a free full sized drink, and we didn’t even get around to using those, but made up for it with the 10% off anything from the art shops and extra tastings from the lead brewer. Totally worth the upgrade.

I even put on makeup and jewelry for the outing!! All my piercings are somehow still open! I wasn’t too surprised about my main ones, cause I’ve worn earrings a couple times over the course of the pandemic, but my extra “teenage rebellion” piercing on my left ear – I haven’t put an earring in that in forever and ever and I really thought it would be a no-go – but I got a stud in with no problem!

I’ve already marked my calendar to start looking for tickets next year.

And I KNOW it’s fresh air, sunshine and exercise that makes it so great, which I could just get by walking around the block a couple times. But somehow that is waaaaaaay harder, LOL.

Well, I’m gonna go do some work so I can take my PTO without my colleagues panicking that I’m not gonna get my shit done on time.

You have a great day and get outside if you can!

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