You made it to Friday!

The week is almost done, yay! I’m realizing I’m gonna have to work this weekend, boooooo.

I have a terrible feeling the client I wrote the tutorial for is going to want a meeting and training session once they see it. I want them to read it, try it in test, then come back to me. Preferably the first week of June. I have a terrible feeling they’re gonna be mad I couldn’t write it with their data – we have a copy of their stuff – but the way the security is set, I can barely get to the data, and can’t actually save anything to turn around and show it to them. Good security measure, seriously inconvenient for this scenario.

But honestly, my tutorial with my sample data is actually better – the example is complex enough to mirror what they have going on, but waaaaay more streamlined so it’s easier follow how to do everything. Also, cause it’s my data, I know 1+1=2 and I’m not wading through their data going, “WTF did you do here?”

I genuinely don’t mind helping, but there is never a good time to lose so much time to client issues that really boil down to training, and especially right now. Yesterday I was thinking “finish the tutorial and then go back to my actual job” but by the time I was done with it, it was already late and I was just spent.

At least if I work this weekend, I’ll park my happy ass on the sofa and have sportsball on all day, and no one can ask “hey can you jump on a meeting?”

7 days, 6 hours until PTO.

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