Woohoo, Saturday!

By 10:30 I’d made the coffee run, hit up the farmers market, got myself a lovely ginger lemonade, and watched the post-coronation coverage.

And as much as I love some sparkly pageantry, they both just looked rather ridiculous. He struck me as a sad old man who is still mad he had to wait so very long to be king, and that it rained on his big day. And we know he’s gonna be a complete twat given what we’ve seen so far. Also – why was her crown bigger than his?

But some banger tiaras and hats, and Harry looked his usual hottie self. BTW, England, he’s ours now.

On a personal note, I don’t feel like crap anymore and I’m not afraid to eat, YAY! And another negative Covid test, YAY!

Big plans for today are figuring what I still need from the grocery store, go and get it, then pretend I’m going to get a ton of housework done, but not actually get any housework done, LOL. I did make the bed and get Iggy’s rollers and filter all cleaned out, so that counts as something!

The grocery store is stumping me – we need some shredded carrots (didn’t realize that when I was at the farmers market), italian dressing, and a headband because mine has disappeared yet again. And check if Coke is on sale cause we’re starting to run low? We haven’t had to buy Coke in ages because the last time they had a “buy 2, get 2” sale I got 4 cases, and put them in the dining room and forgot to mention to my brother that we were well stocked up, and then he saw the same sale that week when he was out and about and he got 4 cases…

But I feel like there is definitely something I am forgetting. But we have bread, milk, unopened lunch meat nowhere near expiry, proteins for salads and the other various and sundry salad fixings, eggs, and dinner is sorted. But my brain is going “Little bro mentioned something and you didn’t immediately put it on the list…” He’s now added butter, shredded cheddar, and bacon to the list – so I think we’re covered.

Hopefully talking all this out with you, my darling readers will ensure that I am not back at the market tomorrow morning. I do appreciate the indulgence. 🥰

You have a lovely Saturday. Eat some good food, take some time to relax and take care of yourself.

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