Woohoo, it’s Friday!!

And I kinda sorta have today off! Need to log on for about an hour or two and wrap one thing up and then it’s the weekend! I’m keeping the out of office autoresponder on, and I did sleep in this morning, so while it kinda sucks a little, it’s all OK. If I hadn’t needed to take Tuesday off, I’d be in the clear, but eh, it’s all good.

Still playing the “was it food poisoning or Covid?” game – I feel fine now, especially now that I’ve gotten past the “afraid to eat” point. But I’ll keep testing for a couple more days just to be sure. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for continued negatives, OK? Not just for me, but my brother has something fun this weekend and I don’t want to ruin it for him with “I have Covid and you probably do, too.”

Other than a bit of work today, the fun plans are UNBOXING ALL THE THINGS! Ordered some bookshelves from Amazon and they were all “do you want it on your ‘Amazon Day’ and get a digital credit”? Sure – not like I was gonna be doing anything with them until the weekend anyway. And then I had to order other various things that weren’t critical and said, sure, lump them all in with the Thursday delivery. So, I suddenly have a pile of little boxes that need to be tended to.

This pile of boxes also tells me I order too much shit off Amazon, LMAO.

Welp, time to top off the coffee and go whip through a couple test runs in stealth mode. I think I’ll set my Teams status as “If you think you see me today, no, you don’t,”

You have a great day!

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