I am at a loss

This country is so fundamentally broken, and I don’t know how – or even if – we can turn it around. I’m not saying we shouldn’t try, it just feels really fucking bleak right now.

In the aftermath of the horrific murder of Jordan Neely, the ghouls coming out of the woodwork to justify it has been sickening.

“He’d been arrested a bunch of times” – not for anything that carried a death sentence.
“He was homophobic” – being an asshole isn’t worthy of a death sentence.
“He might have had a gun” – well, maybe we should think about gun control
“No one tried to stop it, so they must have been OK with it” – once we got hold of unedited video, yes, people DID say the chokehold would kill him. And I suspect others watching really didn’t know how it would end. Would you?

Then another fucking massacre in Allen, Texas yesterday. With a GOP member saying it was because folks in charge don’t believe in god.*

You useless piece of shit, you shouldn’t have to believe in any higher power to be able to safely go to a fucking outlet mall.

There are photos and videos of the shooting and its aftermath circulating on social media – so please take care. I saw one photo, and while the victims were covered, I certainly didn’t need to see it.

And I understand that folks are circulating these because they feel that we do need to see it. But I think those in power who truly need to understand what happened and what these high powered guns do, likely already know and just do not care – and these photos and videos aren’t going to end up in front of them.

And they will blame everything but the guns, while not doing ANYTHING about any of those other issues.

Meanwhile, I can’t think of a single place I can go that someone hasn’t opened fire. Places of worship, grocery stores, sporting events, festivals, movie theaters, concerts, shopping malls – the list just doesn’t fucking end.

And to the jackass open carrying at Starbucks this morning – FUCK ALL THE WAY OFF.

* WaPo gift link

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