How annoying

Apparently part of getting older is your body just going, “Oh, no, you can’t eat that anymore.” And that message manifesting itself at 4AM when you wake up feeling like you’re being poked in the abdomen with very sharp sticks.

At least I know what it was – I was feeling wobbly on Saturday after running errands and wrote it off to being up too late Friday night and one too many beers. But there was one thing eaten both Friday night and last night, so…

7AM I emailed work and told them I’d be in at noon. Slept a while longer, dragged myself up to the market for ginger ale, gatorade, and crackers. It’s helping, but I have a feeling I’m just calling out for the rest of the day, cause all I want to do is sit very, very still.

So sad to be betrayed by kielbasa.

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