Look at you, getting all the way to Saturday!!

Well done! It’s a very overcast, cool, and slightly drizzly day today and it is oddly pleasant? It seems to just make everything calmer. I’d say it wasn’t the best day for the community yard sale day, but it didn’t seem to be slowing anyone down.

And as I type this, it is only 10:30* and I’ve already done the coffee run, hit the farmers market twice, and got to the grocery store. And good news, I saw some cobra chickens!

It did not rain on me at the farmers market because I had a hat, windbreaker with hood, and umbrella in my bag – I am wholly convinced that kept any rain at bay.

I showed a little more restraint this week at the farmers market, but there was still a hella haul. Salad stuff, grilled chicken empanadas for dinner, some strudels, strawberries, and ALL THE SHORTBREADS!

Pulled into the driveway at home and realized I’d somehow forgotten to hit up the bread bakery stand… At that point, it was only 9:15AM, I still had to go back out to the grocery store, and the farmers market is literally 11 minutes away, so…LET’S GO AGAIN! Put everything away, figured out what I needed from the grocery store, and off I went.

Got my breads, and maybe accidentally got some apples, some salsas for the empanadas, and some of the most refreshing ginger-lemonade from the Kiwi meat pie stall. (Next weekend: Kiwi meat pies for dinner for sure.) And that lemonade plus the strawberries? Divine.

I so love farmers market strawberries because you get ALL THE SHAPES AND SIZES. Plus they still have dirt on them, so you know they’re good.

A plate full of strawberries from the farmers market in a variety of shapes and sizes

And I am realizing that the folks at the farmers market must think I’m an extrovert, cause I am SO DAMN CHATTY THERE. But the fact of the matter is, it’s been another long winter without much to do that is Covid safe, and the farmers market is a big ol’ dopamine hit. (Note to self: Remember that a large part of this is fresh air and exercise and get your ass out for a walk more often.)

Have a lovely day!

* Yes, I know, I’ll get distracted and forget to post this until 3PM, LOL.

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