I got out of work ON TIME and my weekend has started!!

And, thanks to it being a fairly normal workweek – I’m not completely exhausted either, which is VERY nice.

Never heard back from support, so that’s certainly not critical. (Sure hope she’s not waiting for me to chase her down on this, cause that’s not happening. I have enough to do without chasing more work.)

Set my Teams status to “Appear Offline” because I’ve discovered that apparently it’s been showing me as available when I have been offline for hours. Really don’t need folks thinking I’m somehow online & available when I’m not working.

After the last month of ridiculous nonsense, it’s time to re-establish some boundaries.

And I am very relaxed and chill and thoroughly enjoyed sitting on the sofa for a bit watching Iggy trundle around and do his thing. (Yes, easily entertained.)

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