And it’s a half day Friday around these parts, so my ass isn’t logging on until 9AM, because working 7AM-1PM on a “half” day really isn’t a half day, LOL.

Wednesday’s end of day “oh can you jump on a meeting as you’re trying to get out the door” issue hasn’t come back up again, but I have a feeling it will crop back up at 12:45PM today. The fact that I heard nothing yesterday tells me that as I knew – it isn’t an emergency.

But, I can’t stay late, cause I have an appointment this afternoon! Hair appointment, but still an appointment, and that’s not getting fucked up.

Welp, time to go just put my head down and get through 4 hours as quick as I can, cause though it’s been a quiet week, I am ready for the weekend.

You have a great day!

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