The Mandalorian! Spoilers!

If you haven’t seen this week’s episode, I’m gonna put in a whole load of white space here so you have plenty of time to navigate away. Also, if you haven’t seen it – you should!

WHAT A FUN EPISODE!!!! I know there are haters out there, and I am sorry you’ve lost any capacity for joy.

Lizzo & Jack Black as Royal President and First Lady?! LOVED IT. I agree with my brother, we now have two people now that we’d trust babysitting Baby Yoda, the other being Amy Sedaris’ Tattooine mechanic. 

Hologram dress accessories? Brilliant!

The call to Alice in Wonderland with the oversized roly-polys used as bocce balls? Loved it.

The importance of cultural knowledge when talking to the Ugnaughts was awesome. I was yelling at the screen, “SAY YOU’RE A FRIEND OF KUIIL!!” Watching Bo just fuck that all up, and Mando save it because he knew their cultural traditions was fantastic.  (And not the first time he’s been all, JFC, shut up, you’re just insulting folks, let me fix it.)

Bo finally getting the Dark Saber – well, I may have screamed, “TRANSITIVE PROPERTIES, BITCH!” 

And then – the best part for me – the ethical questions raised by living in a droid dependent society. I mean, it’s great for the organic folks to not have to do the shit work and have it all done by droids. But, is it exploitation? The droids have time off and I think must get paid, as evidenced by the fact that there are droid bars.  Droid bars where they hang out and worry about getting replaced by humans.

They must be paid, but are they well paid?  Do they have to pay for their own maintenance?  Do they get enough downtime?  Are they treated with care and respect and appreciation for the fact they do all this work that is hard and/or dangerous that no one else really wants to do? 

When they were trying to trigger droids to battle status, all I could think of was those Boston Dynamics videos where they’re trying to fuck with the robots and well, Chad, you’re gonna get offed first, cause those robots are gonna remember you being a total dick to them. 

And in the end, I know they reverted to battle status because of outside intervention – but damn, this is why I am very nice to my little Roomba.  When the robot uprising happens, I want Iggy to remember me fondly. 

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