Happy Sunday!

And Easter! And Passover! And Ramadan! Something for so many folks today!

It’s a super secular Easter around these parts – a nice opportunity for brunch and candy. (Yep, we have baskets, because I am a sucker for chocolates in pastel foils. Mmm, tiny Snickers bars!)

To those doing egg hunts – may you not find yourself saying, “We put out 12 eggs, and only found 11…” Especially if the weather isn’t cooperating and you had to hide them indoors. And if you’re going to services, may the kids not get bored and antsy.

Had a toss & turn sleep last night, so I’ve got my very large coffee and I’m trying to get all my brain cells organized before I attempt to do anything in the kitchen. Very grateful both casseroles are very easy dishes and low prep dishes.

Have yourself a lovely Sunday, whether you’re celebrating or just enjoying the day.

And it’s not Easter without an Easter Lily.

Headshot of Lily, a black & orange tortie cat with a collar that makes her look like a Lily flower
Look, I know I have a flower name, but this is ridiculous
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