What. A. Week.

But I have a much needed FOUR DAY WEEKEND!!

Client that we did all the data cleanup on got all fixed up, YAY, AWESOME, WOOHOO!! And they were pretty damn pleasant during the whole process to boot, especially since I know they were very tired and frustrated, but understood that bad historical data needs to be cleaned up and it’s not always the easiest process.

Then, I shit you not, right on the heels of that at 5PM on Wednesday, another client shows up with an emergency. By 7PM, I’m getting texts from the support manager to please, please jump in, cause somehow, she couldn’t find anyone on her team to handle it. (No, I don’t get it either.) Of course, on a day I’d started work at 7AM.

Good news was that it wasn’t the software’s fault, it was doing what they told it to do, they just told it the wrong thing to do. Worked half the night, got most of it cleaned up, couldn’t totally get there, we have to reconvene in the morning. Morning comes, look at data for the last bit, figure out fix, tell client. One dude gets chippy cause I’d not been able to fix it the night before so he doesn’t think I can fix it now. I am grateful I’m off camera, and I manage to hold my tongue.

They need to do a bunch of other shit first, want to meet at the end of the day to actually do the thing together. Not ideal, but OK. It shouldn’t actually take that long, and then we’ll be done and dusted, and I’ll start my 4 day weekend. At 4PM they say they’re running way behind, need to move meeting back several more hours. Nooooooooooooo. 😭😭😭

Now, my VP is already livid that I got dragged into this, and informs support that they need to find another person from their own freakin’ department to take over and finish this, because it’s not going to be me on the phone with them in the middle of the night again, cause I am on PTO, and I’ve just come off a week of dedicating all my waking hours to another client. And amazingly, they can find someone. And I do so appreciate that he put his foot down.

And the thing is, the client is probably still gonna be unhappy cause I couldn’t fix it all Wednesday night and had to drop out of Thursday night, but the person going in had the full rundown and I have total faith in them. Die mad and all that.

I don’t mind helping, but fuck, support isn’t my job anymore and frankly, I’m kinda out of practice with getting on the phone with 10 cranky people who don’t want to hear that they set something up wrong, and trying to be brilliant on the fly with issues I just don’t see on a daily basis anymore, especially at the end of an already long day.

My VP has been very appreciative of my efforts with both clients and has said he’s gonna find something better than just saying “thank you” over and over again.

But it’s all good, cause we got it back to support where it should have been the whole time, and I am enjoying 4 days off, and I’m gonna go take an afternoon snooze with Lily.

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