Well, I am Of An Age

And this is some nonsense, LOL.

I have a really nice 30 ounce Yeti tumbler that I got for like, half off on clearance at REI and it’s great, except that the top part is fairly wide and it’s heavy, which makes it kinda hard to hold with one hand, because I am elderly or some shit.

Then the other day I thought, “I wonder if they make handles that like, IDK, clip or slide on or something?” Went to their site AND THEY DO! So now I can actually lift up my cold brew when it’s in my pretty tumbler.

And also, when I get up in the morning, the muscles and tendons in the bottom of my feet are all tight and kinda owie, and it’s fine after I stretch, but damn. So I ordered a wooden foot roller dohickey to keep by the bed and that arrived today and well, that is delightful. We’ll see how it works in the morning, but it does feel nice.

I was going to work today to try and make next week a little less painful, but I decided I’d rather do my budget for the rest of the year and my taxes. I will get some work stuff done tomorrow, but we all need at least one day off a week. And the plan is to knock out App A tomorrow, cause that has the least left to do, and some add’l prep for App B, which will be my life for the rest of the week.

Then April 1, we basically start allll over again with App B, cause One More Thing! But hey, at least I’ll have everything setup and ready to go – and I am hoping we can find things we may have missed in this first go round, which has gotten kinda rushed – at least for me, cause I’ve gotten fucked on a couple releases where things that should have taken a couple days took a couple WEEKS, and I keep getting dragged into client issues.

But, it’s all good – it will all get done one way or another. It always does.

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