And damn, things are not awful on the work front! One app, we’re deferring the last issue, so I can wrap that up instead of waiting for next another fix. The other app, I FINALLY GOT THROUGH A FULL TEST RUN AND DIDN’T FIND ANYTHING NEW!! AND THE OUTSTANDING ISSUES DIDN’T MASK ANYTHING ELSE!!

Now, I have to repeat that test run 11 more times, BUT, SERIOUS PROGRESS!!

On the home front, I’ve been trying to setup my mortgage payment for autopay since…like 2 days after we closed. Website still couldn’t find the loan #. Emailed my dude at the mortgage office and they’ve already sold the loan, LMAO.

So, this morning I set myself an alarm to remember to call the new mortgage servicer this after and see how to get things setup since I’ve still not gotten the snail mail notification. Then I thought – I wonder if I could do it via their website without having a damn bit of information?

Well, butter my ass and call me a biscuit, I put in my name and phone number and BOOM, mortgage located, and autopay all setup and ready to go! And the escrow account balance for tax and insurance is hella bigger than I realized – I really did read all the closing docs and whatnot, but it didn’t fully click that damn near half of it was set aside for taxes.

Well, it’s time to kick ass and take names at work and get my ass off work on time, aka, EARLY today!

You have a fantastic Friday!

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