Did you hear some maniacal-hysterical laughter last night?

That was me…

Logged on yesterday afternoon, knocked out App A while on the couch with baseball on TV. Not terrible, considering I was working on a weekend.

Let coworker on the other side of the world know it was done, I’d updated the bug tracker, but if she saw something I missed, let me know, etc, the usual stuff.

“Oh, the new code for App B has been checked in.”

Gif of Charlie Day saying, "I'm Sorry, What?"

The new code that was supposed to not be in the system until next week. We were supposed to have everything currently outstanding done by Friday, then start with essentially a clean slate and re-test starting next week. I don’t know if dev wasn’t told, or just forgot.

But now – anything that breaks this week, we have no way of knowing if it was broken last week and we didn’t get to it, or if the new code broke it.

I mean, as far as I’m concerned, anything that breaks this week, whether it is an old bug or new, is because of the code change. Told coworker we need to tag any new or reopened bugs this week as related to the code change, because we’re gonna have shit still open this Friday, and I’m not gonna get hollered at for it. She’s gonna “talk to someone” about that. I’m gonna create a tag and use it anyway, if for no other reason that my sanity so when Friday rolls around, I can say “BROKE THIS FREAKIN’ WEEK AFTER CODE CHANGE.”

And I just took a peek at Teams and we’ve already got one bug reopened. Did the fix just not work, or did Friday’s code change break it? WHO KNOWS!

Already told coworker I’d have the overall testing done by Friday, but zero guarantee that all my currently open bugs would be closed.

It’s not the end of the world, we have until the end of April to deal with this code change, but this throws our “finish X and then start Y” strategy all to hell.

You survive this Monday, and may no one unexpectedly change code on you. :)

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