Goooooood morning!

I woke up 15 minutes before my alarm this morning! Feeling refreshed, no less! So we’re off to a good start already with extra time to enjoy my coffee and sit here and do a brain dump for all of you. :-D

Work crunch-ish continues and it’s gonna be a long day, and tomorrow is a half day in theory – I’m still gonna try to log off on time, but we shall see – and there is probably some weekend work in my future to boot. BUT THE END IS IN SIGHT!

Things would be a smidge better had I not lost three hours yesterday to a client issue where it turned out they’d changed a calculation parameter and everything was in fact calculating correctly… I mean, if you tell the system you want it to multiply by 3 instead of 2, well, the numbers are gonna change.

Today I’ve got to sit down and figure out what bugs I’ve got that aren’t covered by my massive comprehensive testbed – I know of at least one, but it’s a small, fast, specific thing I can whip through.

Then figure out what one calculation is actually doing – as of last night, I couldn’t tell if my formulas in my spreadsheet were hosed or if the software is wrong – but I was also brain dead at that point, so it should be clearer this morning.

Did a quick swing though my email and no crises on tap today, YAY. A coworker does need to know how I tested a bug in a previous version so he can test it in the new version – my tests are linked in our bug tracking system, but the way Sharepoint is, he may very well not be able to get to them. Of course, we’ll see if my tests make any sense to me, much less anyone else given that I did them something like, IDK, 3 months ago and I can barely remember what I did last week.

Couple good things, though! The additional feature they want to add – they’re adding it, but WE HAVE MORE TIME TO TEST! I pitched a fit about time when they suggested it – and they heard me! And my team lead has given me a couple comp days for my work on the last version, which is nice, too.

And it is now time to go hit the ground running – you have a great day!!

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