Not a half-bad Monday!

Little long, but not too bad, and I FIGURED SOME SHIT OUT!!!!

Found a couple things that were just calculating wrong.

I figured out why some numbers were right one time, but wrong the next time! (Couldn’t nail that one down last week to save my life.)

If my dev can get the fixes checked in tonight, I may be at a point where I can run through more than 3 tests before finding a problem, LOL. (She works later hours, and I’m sure she’s enjoying the peace and quiet right now without me going “Hey, found something new!”)

Feel like I’ve got my feet solidly under me for all the testing on this app, and that is really making a big difference. From the outside, it may not look like I’m making a lot of progress, but the start of these types of things is always the rough part – once I’m over that first “OK, it all works with this calculation formula” then it’s pretty much off to the races on the rest.

Good start to the week.

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