Oh good grief

It has been A Monday and it’s only halfway done.

Get in and discover that on Thursday night, after I logged off for the weekend, I was assigned a 20 hour bug. Due Wednesday. On top of what I’m already doing that is due Wednesday.

Found a different problem last Wednesday, fixed checked in Thursday, warned team about said bug and to be aware of it – still broken this morning. Which means no one looked at it Friday or Monday-other-side-of-the-world-time, despite the fact that it should have been on everyone’s test list.

Dev fixes issue, I put in a ticket to get a build run – no one who usually does it is at work today. Another person volunteers, thank gawd. Except they just ran the deployment, but didn’t run the build first to capture the new code. There were definitely a few moments of “why is this still broken?” before I realized what happened. The build is running again now.

Client meeting. Now lunch. Another client meeting after that and I have zero idea what they actually want and I am praying I can just be quiet in the background.

Then back to the thing I was trying to test when I logged on 7 hours ago.

And the cherry on the sundae is that something I ate yesterday is making my stomach somewhat unhappy.

I will not be cutting my lunch short today, cause that sure as shit ain’t gonna shorten my day.

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