It’s my Friday, yay!

And today is gonna be long and I have a sinking feeling I’ll be logging on over the weekend! We’ll see what the day brings – maybe it will all be fine. If the thing I’m working on goes well today, I should be in the clear – let’s all keep our fingers crossed!

The LilyMonster has had A Week. She was kinda quiet on Monday, Tuesday was definitely not feeling good. Got an appointment with the vet and I told my brother I was running her up – “Oh…she barfed in the basement last night” – OK, things make a little more sense. She got a good once over and shot of anti-emetic and she wasn’t thrilled about that, but boy, that little shot did the trick and just reset her tummy and now she’s back on top of the world. Vet asked if she’d had any hairballs recently and OHHH – yup, Sunday middle of the night, she tried to hork one up and afterwards she was snuggled on me and burping a lot and yep, that probably set everything off.

But she’s back on her game, despite me bugging her all day yesterday checking on her. Though she did like the special snacks being hand delivered to her all over the house. And I did order her a case of her “ocean fish” flavored wet food cause she’s giving the chicken flavor some side-eye, which is understandable – “I ate that and felt like shit!” She’s eating her dry food and special snacks, so she is eating, which is the important thing, and her new food arrives today. (Chewy’s turnaround is amazing.)

You have a great day and here’s a Lily!

Lily, a black and orange tortie cat, sitting on the end table
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