Sunday off to a good start

Yesterday inertia just won the day and my errands didn’t happen. I didn’t even get my jeans on, LMAO. But sometimes we need a full on down day, and I got it.

But, this morning, I got up, threw on my jeans, picked up the coffee, hit the gas station and filled up the car and got it washed, and got over to the garden center and got what I needed there, and it’s all done, yay! And I’ve gotten a bunch of to-do’s off the list for the day!

I did pop into the market to see if they had little bags of potting soil – they didn’t, but at the entrance with all the St. Patrick’s Day snacks, they had Guinness chocolate stout cake. Usually it’s just green cupcakes and whatnot. And yes, I bought it.

A box of Guinness chocolate stout cake

And at the garden center, I’d say I showed some restraint, but not really. Got the new pot for the Calathea, they did have small bags of potting soil (probably have always had them and it just never registered) and…three more plants. A green & white nerve plant, a rabbit’s foot fern, and a pepperomia varietal. And for the repotting, I am feeling very smart right now – I got a shower curtain liner to use as a tarp when I was doing the drywall patching and carefully folded it up and stored it in the basement when I was done. Now I can just put it on the kitchen floor and do my repotting there! (It’s sunny out, but not really warm enough to be pleasant just yet.)

Here are the new additions!

Three plants - a large rabbit's foot fern, a green and silver pepperomia plant, and a green and white nerve plant.

Lily is having a leisurely morning. Last night she had a hairball, and a bit of a grumbly tummy after that* and slept in this morning. She has decided to join me, and I gave her a licky stick for breakfast just to make sure she ate something and that was enough to convince her that eating was fine and I can hear her crunching away in the kitchen now. We also had a good brushing session and she enjoyed that and now she’s watching the leaves blow around the backyard – and I am feeling better for it. She turns 14 this year and has kidney issues I can’t help but worry whenever she acts a little different.

You brush me all wrong, but I’ll take it

And I just looked over and she was inside the mini greenhouse. Why? Who knows.

And because I have a terrible habit on the weekends of starting these posts and then standing up and doing things and forgetting this is still in progress, it’s now about 3:30 PM. But, I’ve gotten a bunch done around the house and all that is left on the to-do list some yoga and getting the plants into new pots.

You have a great afternoon.

* Still not sure if she got up and barfed somewhere – if she did, hopefully I’ll see it before I step in it.

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