Oh darn

My second-half-of-my-mouth deep dental cleaning has been rescheduled because the nitrous supplies have not arrived at the office. OH NO, LOL. I adore the young man who is the treatment plan coordinator – he figured out from the minute I walked in the place that I am a basket case and totally gets that I need nitrous and isn’t gonna suggest that I just power through it. (I have also made a note to check with them on the nitrous supplies at the start of the week of the new appointment, LOL.)

So, I had today off anyway and I’ve got some found time and I’m gonna go to the garden center, YAY! I am just getting some more pretty pots for my existing plants – no room for new ones, sadly. I’ve also remembered to take picture of the rabbits foot fern I got last week to ask if it should actually go into an 8″ pot vs the 6″ I have it in, cause it’s pretty big already.

A rabbit's foot fern, fully filling out a 6" blue painted metal pot
Big wispy gal!

So, this afternoon will continue re-pot-a-palooza. The calathea that went into the 8″ pot needs some adjusting, there is too much dirt at the bottom and not enough at the top above the canes so two of the three cane sets are leaning heavily sideways, and then I have NINE that will go from plastic pots to pretty painted metal ones – and they all need more dirt.

The new pepperomia and nerve plant are thriving too – I put them straight into 6″ pots from the 4″ pots they came in, and between that and having the disco lights on since we’re not getting great plant sun in the front window just yet – they’re looking great!

A silver and green pepperomia plant and a green and white nerve plant
Happy plants!

Since the refinance closed and we got the cash, I’ll admit I’ve been on a bit of a spending spree – 95% of which has been…cleaning and household supplies. I’d worry that I am being a spendthrift, but, a spot steam cleaner isn’t the most glamorous purchase, ROFL. Though – I have ordered a Roomba. While I am better than ever about vacuuming, having a little robot run around a few times a week doing a vac and sweep will absolutely help out – and be good incentive to keep things clear so it can do its job.

The other cool purchase was from REI. I got my cashback statement from them and it was $45 and my first thought was “I didn’t spend that much with them last year, that’s weird” and then I remembered the afternoon I went over “just to get a couple pairs of shorts” and…yeah.

The 3-in-1 I got in 2020 is just kinda tight across the shoulders if I am wearing anything thicker than a t-shirt and I kept thinking I’d get used to it, or it would stretch out, or I’d lose weight in my shoulders or something, IDK, but it has not. It works great as a separate fleece and rain jacket, but together, it’s just a wee bit too small.

Found a new one – one size larger, on clearance and used my cashback on it – it arrived today and it fits fine over a hoodie! Though I accidentally grabbed one of my brother’s hoodies when I tried the first time and couldn’t figure out why it was binding up SO bad on one arm when I tried to put it on – who knew trying to fit the fabric from an XL hoodie sleeve into a M coat sleeve would be difficult?

So, while it hopefully won’t need much use the rest of this spring, I am ready for late fall and winter!

And now it’s time to go buy some pretty pots and play in some dirt. You have a great day!

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