Woohoo, the sun!!

WE HAVE SUN!!! And should have sun for the next week!! Lily is very happy, I am very happy, LET’S ALL BE HAPPY ABOUT THE SUN!

Lily, a black and orange tortie cat, laying on a pet bed in the sunbeams
So happy

And when I went to the market this morning, I remembered the thing we needed that wasn’t on the list! Eggs! Goddamn, they’re $6.50 a dozen! Mind you, they’re free range organic*, so they always cost more, but damn. At what point do we stop blaming avian flu and talk about price gouging?

I’ve got a pretty chill weekend on tap, which is just what I need – lots of little to-do’s and some errands, but nothing dreadful, and tonight it’s BIRTHDAY OUTBACK STEAK AND BAKED POTATOES AND POTATO SOUP AND SOMETHING ELSE I HAVEN’T DECIDED ON YET! (My birthday was Wednesday and mid-week birthdays kinda suck.)

The errands I need to run are easy – gas up the car and run it through the carwash, and hit up the garden center. My calathea really needs a bigger pot (I’ve kept it alive long enough for it to need a bigger pot!!!) and I want to see if they have any green & white nerve plants – mine didn’t survive getting moved at Christmas, and I replaced it with a green/red one and I like it, but I really want another white one. And maybe a rabbit’s foot fern. Oh, and I think I need some more potting soil, too – but IIRC, they only have really large bags, but I think the floral department at the market has small ones, so maybe I need to do a quick run into the market, too.

And yet I also seem to have a case of ass glued to couch, LOL. And I’m vaguely hungry.

So, I’m gonna have some string cheese, put on some leaving the house pants, and get those errands done and off the to-do list. But, that also requires moving – bit of a challenge there, LOL.

You have a great day and I hope you find cheap eggs.

* I don’t know when I became the free range organic brown egg lady, but here we are.

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