It is the weekend, yaaaay!

And I got off work on time, woohoo!! And I found a weird problem right at the end of the day and I sent it to my developer and IM’d her and told her to just pretend she doesn’t see the email until Monday.

Cause if I am sending you something at 4 on a Friday – it’s just because I couldn’t have sent it sooner, and I don’t want to wait until Monday morning cause I’ll forget. I really don’t expect you to actually think on a Friday at 4PM.

So, all in all, a pretty good Friday after an ass kicker of a week.

But I could have Lily’s problems and whew, they are rough for a very spoiled kitty.

Since the Great Clear Out, all the upstairs rooms are open and Lily has been told she can go in as long as she behaves, aka, doesn’t get stuck somewhere. (It has happened.) She discovered that the two rooms at the far end of the hall get mid-morning sunbeams.

Problem is, since this discovery, we’ve had maybe 2 sunny days in the last two weeks. The number of times she has led me to that end of the hall to the open doors as if to say, “WHERE IS THE SUN, THIS IS BULLSHIT, BRING IT BACK!” well, it’s been a lot. And as someone who very much needs the sun as well, same LilyMonster, same.

But at least we’ll have some sun next week. Followed by snow next weekend… Ack.

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