Where. Is. The. Sun?

Seriously, it seems like we’ve gotten maybe 3 hours of sunshine in the past month. I CANNOT TAKE THIS MUCH LONGER. It says we’ll have afternoon sun today, but we’ll see – it feels like even days predicted to be sunny still end up being overcast AF. And given that I am solar powered, THIS IS A PROBLEM.

We have our first post-refinance indoor project* – the ceiling fan in my room started making unpleasant noises yesterday… It’s at least 20 years old, so it doesn’t owe us anything to be sure, and at least it’s a relatively easy project. (And I’ve wanted to replace it for a while.) I hustled myself over to the Hunter fan site, picked one out, found it cheaper on Amazon, and now it’s just a matter of ordering and installing – and worst case scenario, I can bring in my beloved folks from FH Furr to help out, since they’ve added electrical stuff to their repertoire. (But I think I can do this one on my own?)

My current one is all white and I hate it – found this one, it’s light enough that I don’t think it will look weird in the room, but it’s not all freaking white. Amazon reviews say it’s very easy to install, YAY!

Ceiling fan with brushed nickel hardware and grey oak blades
Oooh, breezes

The Amazon gift cards from cashing in my change jars will be going to good use! At least it’s slightly more interesting than cleaning supplies, LOL. (And we have gone through so. many. cleaning. supplies. in the last month.)

I’ve also found a neat little cleaning hack for my brain – I now have cleaning supplies on both levels of the house. Having a second set of rags/sprays/whatnot already upstairs makes it a lot easier to clean stuff on the fly – like, the bathroom sink for example – if I see it’s getting gunky before it’s “planned” cleaning and boom, done! Cause everything is steps away instead of stairs away.

I am also seriously considering getting a couple Roombas. The newer models claim “you don’t have to pick up beforehand, it works around things” and since we have gotten so much cleared out – it could actually work here. Though I have my nice Dyson, if I could have the Roomba running on it’s own a couple times a week – that would really be helpful – and lord knows I need all the help I can get. Just gotta figure out where I’d put the base stations.

In non-house stuff today – I’m gonna make popcorn!! I know, you’re thinking, “OK, good, I guess?” But hear me out – my nice little Cuisinart popcorn popper lost the top piece and I have no idea where it got off to, but I discovered they sell replacement parts! That arrived this week, and I also decided I wanted to try out some hulless popcorn** and that is coming today. So, I’m gonna have some popcorn while baseball is on this afternoon. :-D

But before any of that can happen, it’s time to knock out the daily stuff – but I’ve got my comfy pants on and a podcast at the ready, so LET’S DO THIS!

You have a great Sunday!

* Well, there are lots of projects on the list, but this is one that is very easy, not expensive, and theoretically shouldn’t require professional assistance.
** I know there is technically no such thing as hulless popcorn, but this supposedly pops with minimal hulls, which will be nice if it means I have a few less popcorn shells stuck in my teeth.

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