Yay for yoga

I let myself get out of my daily yoga habit while I was doing the great clear out and hoooboy, letting that go was DUMB.

But I’m back at it and damn, it feels good.

Clears my head, which I am pretty much always in need of, because I have to focus on not falling over.

It’s very forgiving. So many poses can be modified to what you can do. Can’t twist your upper torso 45º? Try 20º! Or just vaguely gaze in that direction. You can do the pose but can’t hold it for 30 seconds? Go for 20. Or 10. Or just 5.

I feel like I’ve done something when I finish, but not to the point of wanting to vomit due to over-exertion.

And it’s relaxing, which I also am perpetually in need of, especially today since I now have to go work more. Glad I got a couple sessions in.

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