Totally normal

High of 81º two days ago and it’s supposed to start snowing here in an hour. Blizzard warning in San Diego. Snow over the Hollywood sign. Totally normal, nothing to see here, planet isn’t dying or anything like that.

On a less doom and gloom note, yesterday I had the first freaking normal day in a month. Got out of work ON TIME. Had an awesome nap with Lily. Only had regular stuff to get done around the house. I did absolutely nothing with my extra time and loved every second of it and felt zero guilt over it. Amazing.

One great benefit of the big clear out is all the change I found all over the place. Took one container in today and cashed it for an Amazon card, came home, and promptly ordered something before I remembering that I had the damn gift card in my wallet, LOL. That quick dissolve sugar could have been “free”, dammit!

My very exciting no-more-massive-clear-out day is gonna be awesome. First, not leaving the house, cause, snow. Regular stuff around the house, some laundry, and mopping. Make a pot of tea. (Part of the clear out was cleaning my teapots, so I’m back on a tea kick. True Honey Lemon Ginger is money.) Take a nap with the LilyMonster. Listen to the Padres game.

And on that note, it’s time to change into comfy pants, fire up a podcast, and get things done so I can enjoy an afternoon of nothing.

You have a great day!

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