Oh TGIF for reals

So, seems that whoever put together the release schedule didn’t take into account that we had a 3 1/2 day week this week – both the US & the Philippines. Guess who put 32 hours on the books in 3 days? Yup. And this after my boss said yesterday, “if you don’t have anything urgent, take the afternoon off, it’s a gorgeous day!” SOB.

But, working late the past two days means I get my damn half day Friday today! And I am not going in early!

The appraisal got done, came in higher than I expected, yay, and refinance closes Tuesday – but I have to go to the damn title company to do it. FML. Told my boss and he was “been there, done that, take your time.” I’m salty cause the mortgage broker said the title folks would come to me, the title folks were “can you come to the office?” and I said if that was the only option, yes, and they said, “Great!!”

Then the tax assessment came in for the house for 2023 this week as well – up 6% (after going up 12% last year) – um, no. I happen to have a professional appraisal in hand that was just done THIS WEEK and guess who is gonna appeal that number? If I can get the county to agree, then the appraisal paid for itself, plus another $400 over the course of the year. (I know the county is thinking “inflation is easing, interest rates are going down, etc” – but I am not playing this year.)

And another reason I’d say the county assessment is ridiculous – it’s higher than Zillow. It is NEVER higher than Zillow, ever. And everyone on Nextdoor is losing their shit, so I know it’s not just me.

Oh, but something great? It’s been three days since the appraisal and THE HOUSE HASN’T FALLEN APART! I know you’re thinking, “only three days” – but trust me, THIS IS AWESOME, LOL. Especially considering that the past two days I’ve only gotten the barest of minimums done thanks to work.

Even Lily is wiped out from all the excitement this week – cleaning and clearing, a person wandering around on Tuesday, late work, spare rooms open for her to explore – she slept in this morning and I just door-dashed her breakfast to her upstairs – and she is happily chowing down.

But – half day Friday today and I am NOT staying late. Gonna work, hit the grocery store, get all my various and sundry to-do’s done around the house, and then chill TF out. I won’t know what to do with my time now that we’re done with the CLEAR OUT ALL THE THINGS process. Read? Stitch? Nap? Draw? Write? I CAN DO ANYTHING!

But before all that, work beckons. But, I only have one thing to knock out today, and anyone who asks me to stay later will be gently told, “No, I was here until 10PM last night, so, no.”

You have a wonderful Friday!

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