It’s Monday again

And sadly, we’re starting with some major earthquakes in Syria and Turkey in the middle of winter, and it is really bad. They’re going to need a lot of help – world governments better step up. I don’t know of any local helping orgs on the ground, but keep an eye on social media, I’m sure they’ll make themselves known. Try to vet as best you can if you’re going to send funds.

No idea what the workweek is going to bring, given the minor nightmare that is The Thing I’m Working On, but it seems my dev was working at fuckall 10PM on Friday night – WTF? But, it’s ready to test, so I’m gonna be off to the races the minute I get logged on, but I am gonna try very hard to keep maintaining my boundaries, cause I gotta whole damn house to clean.

On that note – all the most lived in rooms upstairs are done! Nothing like facing down 15 years of the manifestation of unrecognized ADHD and some bouts with depression, LOL. Had to pop out of bed last night to change the setting on the air purifier and I didn’t trip over anything and I was very, “Ugh, yeah, this is nice.”

And I am fucking tired for it all, too – last night I went to heat up a cup of coffee and opened up the cabinet next to the microwave and came *this close* to putting my cup in the cabinet… But the good news is that there are only 12 days left of this panic hell mode. But – just looking at my bedroom, now I’ve got it unfucked enough I can actually think about things like rearranging the furniture, and where I can put more bookshelves and whatnot, so that’s pretty cool.

Things I have realized: 20/10’s are very, VERY effective. (Clean 20/Rest 10) If you’re working in a particularly dusty area (aka, everywhere here) – grab that N95! Got cheap hair dye gloves on hand? Use ’em and you’re not finding yourself washing your hands and drying them out every freaking 5 minutes. Work in small sections – it’s SO much easier mentally to go “I’m gonna tackle the bookshelf next to the bedroom door” vs “I’m gonna clean the whole bedroom.”

It may be Monday, but we got this. Go get em, tiger.

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