Doing this top to bottom clear out…damn, I’ve gotten a TON done since starting and I can SEE progress, which is awesome – but holy shit I do not use these muscles on a regular basis, LOL.

And OMG, there is so much freakin’ crap in this house. Not filth, thank god, just…crap. So much “why do I even have this?” And dust. So. Much. Dust. My little vacuum has gotten such a workout.

And at some point yesterday, I caught the strap on my fitbit on something and it’s just gone. The model has a “find my phone” button on the fitbit itself (handy!!) – but not a “find my fitbit” button from the app… I said fuck it and replaced it and the new one arrived this morning(!!!) and I figure if I find the old one, well, I have a backup for whenever the new one dies or I manage to lose this one.

On the news front – no, China, you do not get to be all bent out of shape because we downed your “weather balloon” – we all know it wasn’t a weather balloon, and you’re just mad you got caught this time. (Fun to hear this happened at least 3 times in the last administration and they didn’t do shit about it. That dude loved his dictators waaaaaay too much.)

Welp, time to get to the house grind for the day. Headphones and Maddow’s “Ultra” podcast is at the ready, and comfy pants are on. Honestly, given the loan to value ratio on this refinance, why we can’t just go with a damn automated valuation vs in person appraisal is beyond me. I’ll be very interested to see what number they come up with – I’ve got a number I’ve figured out based on what we need to fix up and whatnot – we’ll see if I’m close at all.

Alright, time to go clear shit out, and remind myself it will be done soon and I can go back to a normal routine, cause right now, this is stressful and tiring.

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