Alright, it is the weekend!!

And on the house front, things are going really well in prep for the appraisal! All that is left upstairs is the office, dining room & parlor. My brother has done a hell of a job on the basement and just asked that I go through some stuff in the laundry area, and then we’ll work together on rearranging shit in the “workshop” area.

And the fact that I’ve gotten so much done is a minor miracle, cause work has been a total shitshow this week. I am still working on the The Thing and I am this close to calling in an old priest and a young priest. My peeps in Makati were working last night and tried to call for a special build, but no sign of it this morning – because I suspect no one has even seen the request ticket, which is understandable, cause it was Friday night at 8:30PM. (And we don’t do automatic builds over the weekend anymore cause they kept crashing due to other maintenance happening.) So, my plan for checking some things this morning has pretty much gone out the window – which is fine by me, it is the weekend, we shouldn’t be doing this, and these deadlines that land on a Friday or Monday need to go out the fucking window.

And I am totally out of it this morning – woke up a bit after 7, cause, IDK, I just did. Absentmindedly gave Lily one of her special packet snacks for breakfast instead of her proper breakfast. (She loved it!) Got to Starbucks and realized that I had not actually put in the mobile order, LOL. So, it may be for the best that I’m not trying to do work things that require brainpower today.

And after my dental cleaning yesterday, I have a scratchy spot at the back of my throat. It could just be nothing more than a scratchy spot, I was cleaning a lot yesterday and this house is dusty AF, and plague symptoms don’t usually show up in less than 24 hours – but I swear to god, if those fuckers gave me Covid, I am gonna put a boot so far up someone’s ass they’re gonna taste leather. (I have an alarm set for my followup test next week, which I will move up if this scratchiness doesn’t go away.)

But in the meantime, I’ve got cough drops and we’re gonna stop this little cycle of “irritation causes cough which causes irritation which causes cough.” And I’m gonna remember to throw on my N95 as I go through the office rather than sit there and inhale dust all morning.

Welp, time to go get the comfy pants on and load up a podcast and get shit done. I can highly recommend Rachel Maddow’s “Ultra” (history doesn’t repeat, but holy shit does it rhyme) and Rabia Chaudry’s “The Hidden Djinn” (spooky but not scary) – and I’m almost done with The Hidden Djinn, so I am gonna have to find something new soon.

You have a fantastic day!

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