Yay, it’s the weekend!

And I’m a) not working and b) wouldn’t have had to work anyway, cause the last thing I looked at on Friday was broken and won’t be fixed til Monday anyway!

In other fun, I’m in the throes of applying for a refinance on the house, which means a top to bottom clear out in preparation for the appraisal, and we’d scheduled the junk haulers for later in the month to give us a “deadline but with some breathing room” and they texted this morning saying “we know you have an appointment later this month, but we’re also in the neighborhood this morning” – and we’ve made enough progress that they have a fair amount to pickup already. Go team!

I will say, while everyone I have dealt with at the mortgage brokerage has been very nice and helpful, the whole thing is vaguely humiliating?

Me: “Hi, I would like some money to fix up my house and pay off fucking dental bills, and I have a decent job, I’ve never missed any payment in 30 years, and I’ve got a whole ass house to put up as collateral!”
The system: “Hmmmmmm….”

But if nothing else, the house needed a good clear out anyway, and we’re finally getting our asses around to it.

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