Finally, the weekend.

So, yesterday was a terrible half day, LOL. Despite “getting off work at 1” – the 12:30 meeting went on for an hour and a half, I had a 20 minute break for a personal call I had to make, then worked more, had another meeting at 3:30, bolted at 4:30, was answering Teams messages while in a salon chair with my head filled with tinfoil, and finally totally logged off at 8:30.

The kicker? The current version of our software was right the whole time. The string of profanities I let out when my dev posted, “Wait, this…this is correct.” Cause there was something broken that we fixed, and I guess the client never noticed it was broken – so things look “wrong” now.

And today, I am getting Lily drunk to take her to the vet for her checkup! We’re gonna see if some gabapentin doesn’t take the edge off a bit for my sweet girl – she had a rough go of it last year when I took her in when she had an excessively barfy day. I think it was just a combo of different vet at the practice (who was lovely) and not feeling good in general that made her more cranky than usual, but no harm in a happy pill to make things easier. And maybe she won’t pee on the table and/or barf mid-exam.

And my good girl HOOVERED her licky stick treat I mixed it with. Let’s all hope in two hours she’s pleasantly buzzed and not an angry drunk like her sister was, LOL.

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