We are Team Gabapentin

Wow, that worked SO WELL for Lily’s vet visit!

I wasn’t sure if it was as “tasteless” as claimed, but she sure didn’t notice it mixed in her licky stick treat.

Within an hour, she was just happily snoozing.

She did wake up and attempt to fight getting in the crate, but she was basically moving in slow motion so it wasn’t much of a challenge to get her in.

There was some halfhearted hollering in the car, but not near the usual volume – both decibels and quantity.

We saw one of the newer vets in the practice (I think we may have seen her last year once?) and rather than making Lily come out of the crate, she just took the top off it so Lily could stay in her spot and only had to move her for weight. And because she was doing so well, the vet asked if we wanted to give a blood draw a shot since she’s of the age where it does need to be looked at annually – and I said go for it.

They took her in the back for the draw, and I didn’t hear a single noise – they said her only reaction was a brief flattening of her ears.

And when we were leaving, a family in the waiting room declared that she was so beautiful and wanted to take a picture of her.

She’s a bit wobbly and fussing a lot over her leg cause the fur got all messed up with the blood draw, but none the worse for wear to be sure.

I couldn’t be more pleased at how well it worked for her – she’s just reached the age where she just doesn’t have the patience for vet visits and I’m glad we have a good solution that is also easy to administer.

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, sitting on the floor staring at nothing far, far away
I am a VERY GOOD GIRL! And a bit drunk.
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