You did it! I did it! WE ALL DID IT!

Super weird dreams last night. Was doing things around the house and kept losing my scissors, so I decided to keep them in my head. Not like, stab myself in the skull, just gently placed them in my own head. (I did stop losing them!) A dentist getting new patients by offering free cranial massages. And there was a third one and all I can remember that it was weird.

We have another call today with the clients from yesterday, but the mean one shouldn’t be there, so that’s something. Plus it’s a half day, so I will be going in a little later than usual, so it’s nice to have some morning chill out time, especially after yesterday.

The thing I’m working on, it’s been very slow going because there are lots of variations to test and and every time I find something wrong, I have to start fresh – which is fine, that’s my job. But I know clients are annoyed that it’s taking a while, but if we give them an untested version and it doesn’t work then they get pissed – even when we tell them “you can have an untested version, emphasis on untested!”

I’m still wondering how the last fix where it got broken didn’t get caught. I looked back at the notes and the original change was referenced and double checked, so IDK. I didn’t test it, so I don’t know if it was a missed scenario or what. But whatever it was that got missed, it’s created a fuckton of work for me, and honestly, it’s a little annoying because there were *two* people who tested the last set of changes on the app, so it really should have been caught. But eh, we’re all human and tired and shit happens.

Well, time to start contemplating going upstairs and grinding those gears for capitalism.

You have a fantastic day!

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