What. A. Day.

Nothing like having a client basically say you’re an idiot on a call because they weren’t actually listening to what you said. Big big props to my coworker who immediately spoke up and said, “That’s not what she said at all.”

That was when I announced in the group chat with my team that I was done speaking, lest I say something to get myself fired.

And our account manager…oh, she felt so bad and we chatted later and had a good rant and rave about it all, which was super helpful. You’d think after years in support I’d be used to clients telling me I’m a moron.

The thing I’m working on…finally traced back how it may have broken. We made the change, it worked, but it made things slow, but it seems in fixing the slow, we broke it again. And it wasn’t critical for me to know that, but when we first made this change, it took some tweaks to get it working, but it was working – and that was like, IDK, last spring, so it seemed weird for it to break for no reason.

But I have been able to keep catching glitches in it before we send it out, so that’s a Very Good Thing, and my VP who has been doing a fantastic job of keeping clients at bay while I test, and test, and test yet again has been very supportive.

I had grand plans to get some extra housework done tonight, but I ended up working late, the rude client was still in my head, and I was tired – so I got the daily stuff done around the house at least, halfassed some yoga to keep the streak alive, and now I am having a beer.

Thank god tomorrow is Friday, and a half day, and if my 12:30 meeting runs long, I have a hard stop at 1:45 PM.

And the good news is, today is over and I never have to do today again. .

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