I have Advil Cold & Sinus!!

Weird thing to announce, I know, but supply chains being what they are and people attempting to treat Covid with OTC cold and flu meds – finding any was a damn accomplishment. It finally occurred to me to check Amazon and I now have a box of 50 tablets. Each individually wrapped, LMAO. But it’s the only damn decongestant I can tolerate, OTC or otherwise, AND NOW I HAVE SOME, AND NOT BECAUSE I AM TRYING TO SELF TREAT COVID!

A dispenser box of individually wrapped Advil Cold & Sinus tablets.
It’s like I live in a gas station!

And in other weird supply things, there appears to have been a run on frozen potatoes at my market. Felt like a conquering hero managing to snag the very last bag of tater tots today. Not sure if the market just didn’t get their regular shipment or if there is some potato based holiday in the immediate future that I am unaware of. If there is a potato based holiday around the corner, WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED?

It’s really strange that we’re still having supply chain problems crop up given that I have repeatedly been told that Covid has ended.

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