Gonna brag on myself for a bit.

Cause I’m really fucking proud of myself. 

My very loose goals for the year were basically “be more of a functioning adult” – and we a bit over two weeks in, and things are going really well.

Every day, I’ve gotten all the daily critical stuff around the knocked off my to-do list, and made some inroads on the rest of the disaster. (Is doomboxing ideal? No. Is it better than doing nothing? Absolutely.)

Every day, I’ve gotten some exercise, either walking or yoga.

I’ve made a point of having non-phone entertainment every day. Been doing the crossword every day and working on the lego set I got for Christmas. (Sunday Time crossword in 36 minutes yesterday!)

I know it’s only the 16th and it could all fall apart, but I’m feeling really good about it all right now. Of course, I did have an anxiety spike out of nowhere this evening, so not everything is perfect, but it is pretty damn good.

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