Well, best of luck Jacinda Ardern!

Totally bummed for New Zealand, but Jacinda Ardern is totally the type of leader who knows what the job requires and when she doesn’t have it anymore and won’t hang on until she collapses just for the sake of power. I hope whatever is next for her is great. (And I just saw a snip from her press conference and she looks tired as hell – I don’t blame her one bit.)

The world needs so many more leaders like her. Kindness, empathy, and compassion should be what we look for in all our leaders.

In completely unrelated FUN things, I have a raging sinus infection. Kept thinking “oh it’s the weather changing constantly” but no, it is not. And it’s not Covid either, yay! And it’s been 4 years since the last one, so yeah, it’s due, LOL. So, we’ll be getting in touch with Teladoc later today, cause the last thing I need is this moving into my ears or teeth. The question is – will I get an NP who understands that a 50 year old woman knows when she has a sinus infection?

Well, time to go make the money to pay the Teladoc – you have a great day hopefully not involving medical professionals, LOL.

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