In more mundane matters

Got coffee, got the errands run, got my comfy pants on and I’m ready to take on the day. After a bit more coffee, LOL.

In weird things to be excited about, we have eggs! The avian flu has been hitting supplies pretty bad and I’d been prepared to go all over town today, but my local market came through. A few bare spots in the egg section, but plenty there, and we have a dozen extra large organic brown eggs. I don’t know when I became an organic brown egg lady, but it happened.

Don’t have a terrible to-do list today, and I have my headphones charged up and right next to me, but I seem to be having a very real problem prying myself off the damn couch… And I know if I just get going, it won’t even take an hour to get it all done and then I can just chill the rest of the day.

But damn, task initiation is a bitch and a half.

OK, deep breath, time to get the headphones on and turn on the music and get shit done.

You have a great day!

ETA: It took 45 minutes to get it all done, including 20 minutes of doomboxing in my bedroom.

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