The side door now has a lovely new deadbolt and doorknob and is up to fire code to boot! Only took about a half hour and there was shockingly very little swearing throughout. It’s a very nice brushed nickel/silver/whatever, much nicer than the flaking gold tone before, AND THE DOORKNOB TURNS EASILY! (And not a moment too soon, cause when I got back from the hardware store yesterday, the doorknob really did NOT want to turn.)

And I have been on a SOLID roll this week and it is all thanks to SOFT PANTS!

Stay with me – one of my blocks to exercise and cleaning is having to change into not-jeans. (Too hot for cleaning & not good for exercise.) During the week, I have been in the habit of wearing jeans when I work, because…IDK, I guess I got it into my head I “shouldn’t” wear PJ pants/joggers/yoga pants unless I wasn’t feeling 100% or it was snowing. But wearing jeans doesn’t get my brain to “work mode” – opening the work laptop is what gets my brain there.

So, this past week, I’ve been getting up and getting straight into whatever joggers I have at the ready – and then when I am not working, I have found that I can transition WITH SPECTACULAR EASE to either getting things done around the house and/or going for a walk or doing yoga. (Totally happened by accident, but I am so glad I made the connection!)

And as such, this past week – EVERY DAY – I have knocked out the to-do list, gotten exercise in, and had plenty of time to chill out and do the crossword and today I got started on my Lego bonsai tree!

I’d still like one more weekend day, but it has been an excellent weekend.

Hope yours was, too.

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2 Responses to I DID IT!!

  1. Ashley says:

    Woohoo! Great call going with not-goldtone — that stuff is MADE to flake.

    The leggings I’ve been living in for three years have all finally worn out and my package of replacements just arrived yesterday…can’t wait to be insanely productive this week. :)

    • A Dreamer says:

      I’ve found Kohl’s to be a great resource for me – something is *always* on sale.

      And yes – new leggings will absolutely put you over the moon. :-D

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