Goooood morning!!

No, I don’t know why I am so chipper this morning, but here we are.

Exciting project on tap for the day – replace the doorknob and deadbolt lockset on the side door! Over the past couple weeks, the doorknob has been exceptionally cranky and I need to fix that before it just stops opening altogether.

I’ve already been on the Ace hardware site, I’ve found the replacement (these things appear to be very standardized, whew) and I think I should be able to do this, though I’ve warned little bro that he may be enlisted to hold things still on one side of the door while I work on the other side. My other thought was to just grab a roll of painters tape to secure things while I work if he wasn’t available.

Then the fun of finding all the old keys for that door, toss them out, and see if I can find a key cutter open today to make extras of the new key, or hit up one of the key cutting kiosks. (There are lots of the kiosks nearby, but I don’t particularly trust them for reasons I cannot explain.)

Time to go be handy – you have a great day!!

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