Oof, Monday

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t sleep for shit last night. My brain decided to go all pinball machine as I was trying to fall asleep – all I can think is it was triggered by the realization yesterday that I’m gonna need an employment lawyer to look over the non-compete agreement that came with my promotion, and I don’t know any employment lawyers. And of course it was sent to me on Friday with “oh do this quick, please!”

I am clear on 95% of it, but I need someone to clarify that last 5% and honestly, I don’t (and I suppose I shouldn’t) trust the company to clarify for me…

Gonna try our EAP first since they provide access to legal services, and if that doesn’t pan out, I guess I’ll call the firm that did my divorce & Mom’s probate and see if they can take a look or can refer me to someone who can.

So, yeah, fun way to get the week going!

You have a great day that doesn’t involve any lawyers! :-D

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