It’s Friday!!

Hello my lovelies, you have made it through to not only Friday, but the first Friday of 2023 – you did it! Well done!

Not much going on around here, but the year has been off to a good start for me. I’ve exercised every damn day, gotten every last box ticked off on my household to-do lists, spent less money than I’ve made, and done a tiny bit less doomscrolling.

It’s also the anniversary of the insurrection and we don’t have a functioning House of Representatives, so that feels very on brand for the damn country. I’d love to think McCarthy is thinking “fuck, maybe we shouldn’t have welcomed these extremists into the party” – but that would require a level of introspection he doesn’t have. Whole thing is completely batshit. Honestly, the R’s need to kick the extremists out of the party and tell them to make their own party – but they won’t, because it will cost them power.

But honestly, I’m not really dwelling on any of it much today, because there isn’t a damn thing I can do about any of it – and that is what I’m trying to do this year – focus on what I can control and not get wound around shit I can’t control. (We’ll see how well I stick to that.)

You have a fabulous Friday, and don’t doomscroll too much.

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