Well, Happy New Year!

We got here, woohoo! (Quietly, tho, cause we’re not spooking 2023.)

Last night I swept out 2022, told the year it had done its best and it was time to go play with their brothers & sisters in eternity, and today we are not doing any laundry. No need to take chances, LOL.

It’s not even that 2022 was *bad* but it was just such a grind. No end in sight for the pandemic, the same bullshit politically, everything got more expensive and no one had more money. Everything just felt harder than it needed to be.

I just really want 2023 to be lighter and a little easier for all of us.

If at all possible, I want you to put yourself first this year. The ol’ “put your own oxygen mask on first” song & dance, cliched as it may be.

Take some walks, do some yoga. Find a bit of time to meditate. Eat your veggies and take your vitamins. Make some art! Buy a houseplant and nurture it. Hug your pets far too often. Get a good nights sleep whenever possible.

Make space for your own peace and happiness.

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