OK, 2023

I know you’re looking at this whole hot mess of a situation on earth and thinking, “Do I have to?” and trust me, I get it. But I assure you – the bar is very, very low.

As for myself – when my lovely baristas asked about my New Year’s plans, I said, “Gonna go in quiet, and not make any sudden moves, we are NOT spooking 2023 right out of the gate – gonna treat it a bit like a feral kitten.”

My big goals for 2023 are pretty tame – I’m setting the bar reasonably low myself.

– Keep avoiding Covid. 33 months so far!
– Get every room in the house properly deep cleaned over the course of the year. Yes, this is a year long thing, cause ain’t no way it’s happening in a weekend.
– Make more money than I spend. (Hmm, OnlyFans for my feet? LMAO.)
– Create more – whether it is writing, drawing, sewing, legos, whatever, just spend time creating things, even if they never see the light of day.
– Spend a little less time on my phone. If I didn’t need the GPS to travel anywhere more than 2 miles from my home, I’d think about throwing it into the ocean, but, needs must and all that.
– Move a little more – and yoga absolutely counts.
– The last is the most specific – take a class at the local arts center. Anything, just pick one and go do it and make something neat.

I’ll be closing out 2022 quietly here at home – I’ve got champagne and chocolate and the LilyMonster, and really don’t need more than that. Maybe when Covid is properly over, I’ll go out and paint the town red, but only if I am at a five star hotel and not checking out until January 2nd, preferably in Aruba.

You have a lovely and safe New Year’s Eve and may 2023 be better for all of us.

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