Day 1, 2023 – so far so good!

I am very pleased with myself to have gotten things off on a very good foot for the year. Granted, it is in no small part due to having the day off, but it was a good day and I ticked off all my boxes, and I am happy for it.

It was 65º and fantastically sunny, so I went for a nice long walk and being solar powered as I am, it was wonderful.

And I got this snap of some blue bunchgrass while I was out:

Then I got everything knocked off the household to-do list, which was very satisfying. (It usually is not particularly satisfying, so that was a pleasant bonus.)

Took a nice long hot shower and washed my hair and literally put my feet up for an hour in my K-beauty foot masks. We’re heading into the new year with exfoliated and moisturized tootsies.

On the creative front, I have decided I want to do a daily temperature gauge chart of some ilk. Probably cross-stitch and I’ve been noodling around with how to do it. I should probably pop over to Etsy and see what type of patterns for that are out there for ideas, or maybe just pick one out from there. I also may have started an origami chain with the high/low for the day, cause, why not?

And it was a very nice, very light, very easy day, and I still have several hours left to enjoy it.

I hope your new year has started off as nicely.

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