I need to follow my own advice…

Make space for peace, dammit!

As much as you can “oversleep” when you have the day off and no appointments, I slept later than I’d planned this morning and woke up annoyed with myself… Obviously my body needed and wanted that sleep, so I had to shake that off.

Then I picked up coffee, and popped into the market for garbage bags & little paper plates for Lily’s food – not realizing that this week I need to replace the Febreeze plug ins about the house and…we are out of them. And we’re low on cat litter. Oops.

And I’d felt so smart getting that trip into the market out of the way first thing, LOL.

But, it’s all good, the market is a mere 4 minutes away, I can pop back out and take care of it, and get a few more steps in along the way.

I will say that yesterday’s so very pleasant day reminded me yet again of how much I want to retire. I do truly like my job, but it just takes so much out of me.

So, that is another 2023 thing to work on – make significant inroads to not freaking working anymore.

And in the meantime, I’m gonna shake off the “Oh noes” of the morning, run back to the market, knock out the household to-dos, do some yoga, and putter around with temp chart patterns.

We’re gonna be batting 1000 this year. Or at least the first two days of it.

You have a great day!

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