I think I am old…

So, when the super cold couple of days hit, the air pressure on my tires went down, as one would expect – not dangerously so, but enough to trip the sensor – and I know from experience, the car will continue to be chirpy about it until it senses that you’ve actually put compressed air in it, even if the temps come back up.

So, remembering what a fuck all pain in the ass it was to find a working air pump at a gas station and quarters to go with it after the first cold spell this fall – I bought myself a mini air compressor for the car.

AND IT IS GREAT!!! You set the PSI you need, plug it into the lighter socket, attach the hose to the tire and turn it on and it automatically shuts off when it hits the PSI you set. And it continually shows the PSI as it is working.

It was $36 including taxes and damn, worth every penny for the fact that I had it all sorted out in under 10 minutes without even leaving the driveway.

Screenshot of mini air compressor from Amazon
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