Happy Friday!!

And the last one of 2022, and YOU MADE IT!! I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU!

Do something safe and fun and kind for yourself this weekend – you’ve earned it. I myself have no big plans right now, but I think I may break out the Lego Bonsai tree I got for Christmas. Even MeeMaw from our local transportation department has a reminder this morning that it’s OK to go low key.

Today I am reveling in a “go in a bit late and leave early” Friday. It’s been a lovely, super quiet workweek and I wish more were like this. I like my job and my coworkers, but with so many on PTO, my email is quiet and Teams isn’t beeping at me every 5 minutes, and my lord, that’s so nice, and I’ve gotten so much done.

Losing both Pelé & Vivienne Westwood yesterday, damn. The accolades for both are well earned. Pelé, well, even as a little kid, I knew he was amazing. Tho, BBC keeps saying Ms Westwood “gave birth to punk” – um, slow your roll on that one. She was a hella designer and brought punk into the mainstream, but punk would have been there regardless.

I’m still doing a lot of navel gazing on what 2023 will be for me. No actual answers yet, LOL.

And now I have to go fake my way through 4 hours to get to the weekend.

You have a great Friday.

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