You made it through the longest night

Well done. And we’re gonna need those lighter days, cause it’s gonna be cold as fuck.

I think I may not have to leave the house again until after Christmas, though there is a bag of baby potatoes I may need to replace because some idiot didn’t put them in the pantry on Sunday after purchase cause they were going to be roasted “right away” and they’re going green… But at least that’s not critical.

Yesterday was a hot mess of a day. On the way to the bakery, the low fuel light came on in the car – usually I fill up once a month and it’s usually only down to 1/4 of a tank at that point, but I guess that I have driven more this month? What was very unnerving was the fact that I’d not even noticed that the levels were getting so low.

Hit the gas station. Got to the bakery. Got to the grocery store where I discovered they are already taking down Christmas stock AND PUTTING UP VALENTINE MERCH. ON DECEMBER 21.

Put together the cookie tins, couldn’t find the ribbon I’d had in my hands not even a week prior. Neasrly threw something across the room. (Found it. Bought two more spools when dropping off cookies for the vets office.)

Ordered dinner for pickup. 20-25 minutes to pickup. As I’m driving down the road 12 minutes later, get a text, “Your order is almost ready!!” I’M NOT THERE YET!!!!

Get dinner, get home, discover one container leaked all over the place. (Somehow, NOT on the seat of my car at least, which I will absolutely take.)

Then got a notification that an item I ordered on the 12th, which was supposed to arrive yesterday, is now arriving on Saturday. (Supposedly. It still hasn’t shipped.) I didn’t question that it wouldn’t ship immediately when I bought it, because it’s the holidays, more orders, it takes time to get them in boxes and out the door. Now I realize – Amazon didn’t have it in stock in the first place.

It’s not the end of the world by any means, but it’s not something I can find in store anywhere locally (I checked) nor can I get it online from another retailer in time. Lesson learned there!

I don’t think Amazon was being sketchy – I think they legit were “Yup, that stock is gonna come in on the 17th, it will be sorted into the right spots in the warehouse by the 18th, and we can get it out on 2 day delivery on the 19th.” But, Just In Time inventory is shit, and you’d think the pandemic would have taught us that by now.

By that point, I wanted to just hide under my bed until the new year.

But today is another day – and with slightly more light, so we’ve got that going for us.

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